Simple Summer Supper

Today is an exciting day. We have family arriving tomorrow, so I’m all aflutter getting menus planned and the house in order. As I type away on my dining table turned desk, I’m excited to think that in just a little while, my Dining Room will be a Dining Room again for a week, with 6 guests sitting around the table. So. Much.Fun!

I’ve been planning menus and shopping groceries in anticipation, and the first meal that went down on my planner was this one ~ Lime & Pepper Grilled Chicken and Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Lime. I stumbled on both of these recipes online, and it has become one of our favorite Summer suppers.

Simple Summer Supper @ harbourbreezehome.com

The grilled chicken has a fresh lime marinade that makes it fresh and full of flavor,

Simple Summer Supper @ harbourbreezehome.com

and who knew that putting some parcooked sweet potatoes on the grill would turn out so very delicious! (I think the secret is those spices you sprinkle on right after it’s grilled.)

(*Note: I’ve really tried to like fresh cilantro in my food, but alas, it’s just not my cup of tea. Whenever I see it in a recipe, I omit it.)

We’ve been eating fresh spinach like crazy, so we often have a simple spinach salad alongside ~ with some frozen blueberries and balsamic vinegrette sprinkled on.


If you’re like me and are looking for healthy meal options, this is a FitnessPal favorite for me! Low calories + great flavour + really filling = a win win in my books!:)

But, don’t worry.  Guests will never in a million years guess this is “low calorie”!

Now it’s your turn…what is one of your favorite summer suppers?

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