Canva Templates for Bloggers

Bloggers, promote your content with scroll stopping images!

Save time and streamline your workflow without having to hire an assistant.

Customizable Canva templates can make it quick and easy to promote your amazing content. Choose a set that works best for your business needs.

Canva Templates for Pinterest Idea Pins

Bring your content to life!

Want to experiment with making Pinterest idea pins, but don’t want to spend time making them? These templates will make it so quick & easy!

What you’ll get:

  • 2 sets of templates to make 2 different types of Pinterest idea pins.
  • Templates are customizable so you can add in your own photos, text, colors, and video (if you’d like).
  • Slides with call to action to encourage new Pinterest followers and clicks to website from profile link. (Since idea pins don’t link to your site.)
  • 2 instructional videos (about 3 minutes long each). One video walks you through how to save and load a Pinterest idea pin, and the other one walks you through how to add or delete automation and Canva videos.
  • only $15!!

8 Editable Canva Templates for Facebook Recipe Posts

These “viral style” Facebook posts for recipes are scroll stoppers and promote great engagement.

What you’ll get:

  • 8 different designs in the size 754 x 1131
  • Each design can be customized with your own image, colors and fonts.
  • All fonts used can be edited in the Canva FREE version
  • Only $15!