Stenciled Dining Room Curtains

I love fabric.  When I find myself with a few extra minutes to spare in town, I like to wander through the decorator fabric section at our local fabric store.  I’m always on the look-out for some marvellous, miraculous sale…  but, more often than not, if I just LOVE a fabric, it is usually a new style and very much full price.

I’ve searched for a few years now for fabric for curtains in our Dining Room.  I really wanted something with pattern and a some sort of blue.  I’ve admired Miss Mustard Seed’s curtains ever since I laid eyes on them…

miss mustard seed's living room

I’ve found similar fabrics, but they usually run about $40.00 a meter.  Since I have 2 very large windows to cover, that’s quite a bit over my budget.

After lots of dreaming and scheming, I’m happy to report, I’ve finally found a solution!

Last year I picked up 4 cream colored tablecloths. They were generously sized and only $6.00 each.

Then, Royal Design Studios contacted me and graciously asked if I wanted to try a stencil for review.  I jumped at the opportunity and hopped over to their site to choose a stencil.  I had those tablecloths on my mind and wanted to choose something to turn them into curtains.   After much deliberation, I settled on Chez Sheik Moroccan.


Then…I’ve been terrified to start!!

I’ve studied tutorial after tutorial, but was tentative to dive in.…

But, yesterday was the day.  I just needed to get started. That was the hard part ~ the starting.  But, boy, am I glad I did!Smile

I just finished writing a big ol’ post on the whole process, but realized it was far too long.  So, for today, I’m just going to show you the finished product ~

chandelier with words

I was a bit nervous about this project right up until the very end. Although I loved the color and the pattern, until I hung it on the rod and stood back, I didn’t know if I would just love them in the space…

stenciled curtains 2

Thankfully, I do.  I really, really do!


They are just the start to the plans I have for this room…Winking smile

Many, many thanks to Royal Design Studio for providing the stencil for this project and helping me to be brave to try this new technique out!

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the “how tos”. {Updated:  Here is the “How I Stenciled My Curtains ~ with video ~  Post.}

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  1. 3

    Karen says

    I would have been afraid too…but really $6.00 would have been worth it if they didn’t turn out. But they did and they look fabulous!

  2. 5

    Heather says

    I just spent most of my morning pondering window treatments. I have old cream cotton curtains…and maybe stenciling is the answer?! I’m excited to see your tutorial!

  3. 6

    Bev says

    Rita, you really achieved the look you were after. I love that blue.
    And what a great job you did of the stencilling. You must have been up
    all night!

  4. 9


    OH Rita, they are beautiful! My husband was even impressed! (so much so that he mentioned I might want to do stencil some curtains for our bedroom….) Have a wonderful day!

  5. 15


    Love to know how long it took you to do these? They look great! Good job. Looking forward to tutorial. We are your newest followers, please check us out, would love for you to join us.


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